Good Tips for Malaysian Fresh Graduates


Dear fresh grads, I have enjoyed looking at the lovely photos of you in your convocation gowns, bouquets in hand, flanked by proud parents.

Although I didn’t attend my own convocation, I can imagine the pride and happiness.

Now allow me to share two things with you.

First, that you are “safely graduated”. No, no. Just say:

  1. I have graduated from University XYZ, or
  2. I have graduated with a degree in ABC, or simply,
  3. I am now a graduate.

University life may have been exhausting and challenging but hardly dangerous. So graduating “safely” is really not the right word to use.

Second, you will be starting on your job hunt, if you haven’t already secured a job, please do so with integrity.

Let your word be your honour. If you have agreed to attend an interview, show up.

If you have agreed to accept a job offer, don’t reject on the day you are to report for work.

Let’s disprove employers’ and hiring managers’ generally negative perception of young jobseekers from the start.

#duitdoit #freshgradtips

Disclaimer: This article may served as a piece of good advice for many young graduates out there.

We at would like to thank Ms. Ann Ping Saw, an Investment / Islamic Banker turned Headhunter, Occasional Trainer and a Dooeeter. You may follow Ms. Ann at her official LinkedIn Page here:

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