Job Description

1.       To prepare daily report on car carriers parked at base, with load and transit information.

2.       To collect keys, petrol card and Touch&Go card from all drivers who have returned to the base.

3.       To inspect car carrier together with the driver to maintain cleanliness and safety of the carrier.

4.       To block the car carriers from operating if failed to meet requirements of carrier maintenance.

5.       To be the 1st contact point if there is any incidents/accidents involving delivery of car carriers.

6.       To update Operation and DMD teams immediately about the breakdown and repair completion status of the car carriers.

7.       To open Repair Work Request in Fleet Management System upon receiving information from the driver.

8.       To do Inventory Control on the items given to car carrier’s drivers and store.

9.       To remind drivers about PUSPAKOM’s  inspections.

10.   To do any other projects, assignments and tasks assigned by the Management from time to time.