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Enchance your learning with our online videos on matters pertaining to good Human Resource Practices.
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Official Circulars

Get the latest and official circulars pertaining to the changes of law and public holidays in Malaysia.
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IR Cases

Equip yourselves with the latest Industrial Relations case studies to avoid similar pitfalls faced by these companies while learning to incorporate good governance policies at your workplace.

HR Articles

Immerse yourselves by reading good HR related articles compiled from the best HR/IR and ER practitioners and gurus. Pick their brains and learn the best HR's art and science methodologies and apply them in your respective organizations.

HR Documents Templates

Download the best HR Document templates collected from the best HR Practitioners nationwide. 
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HR News and Training

Get the latest HR related news (both locally and internatinally) as well as the latest promotions on Training Programs, Seminars, Conferences, Convention and Summits.
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A localised HR Knowledge Management System suitable for all aspiring HR Practitioners in Malaysia.

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Why's HR Resource Center?

We believe it will be a powerful resources to benefit you in your Human Resources practice. Begin your learning journey with us today. 

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We collate, filter and organize the most accurate HR official circulars, articles, V-learnings and IR Cases to optimize your human resources and talent management practices. 

HR personnel throughout Malaysia have joined and gained access to the most informative HR Resource Centre in Malaysia.








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